$465,000 / 2 beds / 1 bath / family room / 1227 sqft

Great House in a Great Neighborhood! Huge Family Room with Wood-Burning Fireplace. Can be Converted Into 3rd Bedroom with an Opportunity to add a 2nd Bathroom! 

Gorgeous Original Oak Hardwood Floors, Large Living Room with Huge Front Window Brings in a Lot of Light. Beautiful Kitchen with Original Stainless Steel Countertops and Breakfast Area. Two Cozy Bedrooms With Walk-In Closets. 

Very Quiet and Bright Patio with Spacious Backyard for lots of Activities! Detached Two Car Garage. Very Spacious Driveway, Could Easily Fit 4 cars or Your Favorite RV! Newer copper Plumbing and Roof. Laundry Hookups. 

Don't miss an Opportunity to Live in One Block from Cleveland Elementary School, Steps from Del Valle and Boyar Parks!

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Open Sunday, January 18th / 1pm - 4 pm

4814 Palo Verde, Lakewood

Virtual Tour Real Estate, Sveta Cordaro
Virtual Tour Real Estate

If you haven’t put up a house for sale on the market recently then you may not have had the pleasure of finding out that the virtual tour is the way to go when marketing your home. A virtual tour consists of a video listing of your home that gives potential buyers the ability to take a tour of it online. The virtual tour brings the potential buyer into your home via the web, and shows of a 360 degree angle of every aspect of your home. In addition to the virtual tour, there will always be a description of the home, the features it has and what the neighborhood is like.

A lot of listings that have virtual tour capability often get more views. Why? Because people love to look into what they may be buying; since buying a home without knowledge of the inside would be ridiculous. Plus people tend to gravitate more towards pictures rather than blocks of text or non-moving stills that may not be recent. With virtual tours, the layout, condition and features of the house feel more updated and sophisticated which ultimately brings in more attention to your listing.

To have a virtual tour made of your home, you will have to decide how many spins you will want created of your home. This basically means, how many areas will be shown within the span of the virtual tour. The minimum amount is a two-spin which usually is great for condominiums because they tend to be smaller. An example of a two-spin shot would be of the living room, club house, and pool area.

The Costs: (for all Sveta Cordaro’s clients virtual tour is free!!)

  • Two Spin: Around $100-$150 depending on the square footage (800 square feet).
  • Four to Eight Spin: Estimated at around $200-300 (2,000 square feet).
  • Eight to Twelve Spin: Estimated around $400 – 4,000 (Huge home).

The rates will vary depending on how big is your house, who is going to edit the video (professional video editor or application automatically), and whether or not you will be having a professional photographer take the photographs. The vastness of the property will also determine how expensive the tour will cost.

A lot of the time people see virtual tours on video websites such as YouTube, but when listing your home all MLS agents and their potential buyers will see the virtual tour of your home that is listed with it. For those who are searching for homes out of country, permitting they can view your listing, will also see it.

How can you get a virtual tour made for you? You can hire agent Sveta Cordaro and she will take care of everything, which includes helping you stage and prepare a property for the video tour. You will need to stage it carefully thinking about camera angles, focus, glare off of windows and whether or not there is excess furniture in each of the rooms.

Why My House Didn't Sell? Why my Listing is Expired?
Expired listing, House Didn't Sell

When thinking about putting your house up for sale onto a buyer’s market, a lot of sellers mainly think about the condition of their home, how the exterior looks and how the inside is organized. Often times the seller will either to small remodeling projects or renovations to their home prior to putting it up on the market. However, there are a lot of other elements that go into the actual sale of the house, whether it be proper advertising or a popular listing agent. If your home is on the market and it is not selling, or getting a lot of buyer views but no offers, then there could be a couple of reasons for this.
1. Your home is in bad condition. Take a look at the houses that have sold in the same local area and try to match or outshine them with the condition of your home. If you have old paint, or old carpet, consider replacing it, as this will often bring up the buying potential.

2. You have poor photographs up. If you’ve taken pictures of your home or have had pictures taken and they are not of excellent quality, than your home will not sell. Pictures are the first thing that people who are looking at your home will judge and take away from. You will not have anyone visit a home that has poor picture quality up on the listing website. Buyers tend to shy away because it’s not worth their time, or they may feel that you did not put enough quality into taking the shots, thus may not have taken good care of your home either.

3. Get Proper Advertising. Make sure that you hold open houses, have your home listed in the newspaper, get feedback from any potential buyers who view your home whether that be through an open house or from an on-line listing and make changes where necessary. Take it a step further and offer up a virtual tour of your home to really engage the market.

4. Watch the market value. Always be looking at what homes are selling for what per square footage and make adjustments where needed. Take into account your neighbourhood, the noise on your street, and any other location factors such as being able to walk to amenities and transportation. If your home contains upgrades but other houses on the market do not, you can adjust your price and fluctuate it upward to take that into consideration.

Surprisingly enough a lot goes into selling your home, from getting the right listing agent, to having open houses, you need to make sure that your home speaks for all its worth. If you’ve done upgrades, include that in the sale price, if you’ve freshly painted, note that as well. Make sure excellent pictures are taken and find a reputable listing agent. If you are having trouble selling your home then please take a look at Sveta Cordaro whom has a unique marketing plan which will help you to sell your house quicker. She uses newspaper ads, provides professional pictures for the market, can set up a virtual tour of your home and owns a website for property listings.